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luni, 23 martie 2009

Consiliul UE a aprobat iniţiativa Parteneriatului Estic

Consiliul UE a aprobat iniţiativa Parteneriatului Estic în forma şi substanţa enunţată de Comisia Europeană la 3 decembrie 2008.

Therefore, the European Council welcomes the establishment of an ambitious Eastern Partnership. It calls for all necessary preparations to be made for the Eastern Partnership launching summit with the partner countries on 7 May 2009.

The Eastern Partnership will promote stability and prosperity among the EU's Eastern partners covered by the European Neighbourhood Policy.

The European Council commits to a deeper bilateral engagement and to a new multilateral framework involving the EU, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, aiming at accelerating reforms, legislative approximation and further economic integration.

The European Council further calls on the Commission as well as the current and incoming Presidencies to advance speedily with the practical implementation of the Partnership together with the partners and requests the Commission to submit in due course a report on the first year of implementation of the Eastern Partnership.

At the meantime during meeting the European Council expressed confidence in the ability of the EU to tackle the financial and economic crisis.

Reviewing the considerable fiscal stimulus now being injected into the EU economy (over €400 bn), it emphasised that concerted action and coordination were an essential part of Europe's strategy for recovery and emphasised that Europe would do all that was necessary to restore growth.

The European Council also reverted to the issue of energy security. It specifically agreed on setting up a crisis mechanism to deal with disruptions of supplies. It took further steps in preparation of the Copenhagen Conference on climate change.

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